Is Popping Pimples Bad?

Popping Pimples only makes it worse!

Please don’t pop your pimples. I know it’s hard to resist, but you’re doing a lot of damage. When you try to squeeze a pimple, you’re adding more inflammation to that area. And by adding more inflammation, you make it more likely that you’re going to get a red mark or even worse, a scar. Also, you might introduce bacteria into the pimple, getting a worse infection.

What you can do at home instead of popping, get a warm compress, like a washcloth with hot water, and just place it on there a few times a day. It’ll help the swelling go down. You can also put a little bit of a spot treatment. I prefer one with sulfur that you can get over the counter. That will help dry up the cyst. Ideally, you would get yourself into your dermatologist’s office to get a cortisone injection. That’s when we inject cortisone right into the pimple, which is an anti-inflammatory, and it helps it go down usually within 24 hours, and you’ll be a lot happier.


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