Is Dairy Bad For Your Skin?

Foods that will help you Clear up your Acne

***DISCLAIMER! I am NOT a skin expert or a dermatologist etc. My skincare routine works for ME – everyone is different and there isn’t one thing that will work for everybody.***

The three tips from the first half of my video:

Drink a LOT of water!
Drink green tea 🙂
Cut down on milk products and items containing powdered milk.

You can Google a TON of info on these acne tips – they have made a HUGE difference to my skin and I hope that some of you will benefit from making these changes in your lives also. Please watch the full video for my thoughts on food intolerances etc & for what I use in place of milk 🙂

The products mentioned in the second part of my video:

Coconut oil
Normaderm range by Vichy (Micellar Water, daily hydrating care moisturizer, 3 in 1 mask etc…)
Ageless Total Facial Cleanser
St Ives Apricot Blemish Fighting Scrub
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa
T-Zone nose pore strips
Freeze Frame Hyper White (you can purchase this here:
Effaclar Duo (now using Effaclar Duo Plus (+)
Benzoyl Peroxide
Weleda Skin Food

I don’t over wash my face and often only wash my skin once in the evening – some mornings, I’ll splash my face with water & pat it dry then apply the Normaderm moisturizer 🙂